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But they were Janna's, not mine, and hers to lend or withold. She quickly got so tired spanking my asking to borrow them that gay redneck porn she said 'no'. A couple of times I executed a raid on her bedroom behind her back and used the things anyway.

Sex party dad girls was furious both times, and eventually hid them in a hiding place I still don't know where spanking it was a very good voy place, wherever it was. We had both gone through a phase at about the same time, though earlier than this story, of using our coloured pencils, crayons or markers to decorate the walls with - obviously this was absolutely forbidden, we had both been spanked for it in the past, and I don't know what prompted Janna to do it again - sexy breast play used her fabulous crayons to crayon the wall behind the sofa in the living room.

It was a place that would never normally have been seen, voy that we were voy a problem with mice at the time, Mum had put some traps down, and one afternoon moved the sofa to check the traps or vacuum the mouse-evidence or something - and Janna was with her. I think Janna was just thinking fast on her feet, when Mum saw the wall, and what she thought was, "if there's going to be a spanking, it would be better if it's not mine!

Next, Mum was yelling for me, and I came, and looked goggle eyed at the wall, and when Mum asked me point blank if I was responsible, of course I denied it. The trouble was as all three of us knew, I would have denied it whether I had done it or not, I would voy the sky was green and grass was blue to get out of a spanking so denial didn't help my case spanking was taken as proof of guilt rather than the opposite.

So I was hauled off to my room where Mum gave me a spanking with the spanking. I screamed and shrieked throughout as usual, but after it was over, it was almost worse, even once the burning voy had died down the injustice hurt worse. Mum arrived back in the room a bit later to begin the comforting reconciliation part of the ordeal as was usual, but she didn't find me even remotely calmer than I had been when she had spanking me, if anything I was in a worse state.

She sat down on the bed, and let me crawl spanking her lap as normal - though confused and hurt I was even more desperate for cuddles than usual - and she said, "Oh come on Bri, it's really not the end of the world! I carried on bawling incomprehensibly trying to show my innocence, into her shoulder, and was utterly inconsolable.

Mum grew still, and after a minute or so of this, she muttered, "Oh God. You didn't do it, did you? This is one time I remember Janna, who would have been seven at the time, being at least as terrified as I was before a spanking, because spanking Mum was dragging her off to her room, I heard her tell Janna that she was going to get lots more spanks than I had had, because not only had she done the original crime, but she had also lied, and let me get spanked for it.

I was still so upset on my own account that I couldn't possibly feel sorry for my sister that time, but it did sound like an extra long spanking that she got.

By the end of that afternoon, all three of us were as wrung out as a set of dishcloths, and later that night was one of the few times I remember seeing my mother cry. She felt horribly, terribly guilty. We were supposed to be in bed, but I wasn't sleepy, and I went and sat on the stairs and saw my mother crying to my dad, and my dad trying to make her feel better, saying things like, "It's OK, Bri will survive!

Epilogue - it took Janna a couple of years to tell me freely that she was sorry about that day, but she did in the end. One unexpected effect of having been spanked when innocent, was that I felt I had won a sort of get-out-of-jail free card as far as being spanked was concerned, needless to say, if indeed I had, it wasn't all that long before I found it had expired!

I know it was a long time ago, but now today, it leaves me wondering if I might not be alone with my childhood experiences. Voy mother was sickly when I was a child and the local parish priest was the closest trusted male in my life.

My mother was unable to deal with me as a youngster and thus began sending me to a man of authority. The priest was a friend of the family and community and a feared and respected figure. My mother would send a note for me to take to him when I was caught misbehaving. It was an spanking between them that he could and would voy me in ANY way he felt or though appropriate, in any way he wished.

He chose spanking and that's all he used. There was no negotiating or reasoning and no amount of pleading and promising ever lessened the punishment. In those days girls only ever wore skirts or dresses and it was always across voy lap.

I was to pass him the note and after a short discussion about the offence he would take me gently by the hand and spanking me to a private room spanking the punishment. At first it was just on my clothes voy over time it progressed to him lifting me over his lap and then raising my dress followed voy him hauling my panties down. He only ever hand spanked. It was very painful. I was so ashamed. Looking back I would say there were times when he slapped my bottom very hard, too hard, maybe as hard as he could.

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I dont remember counting but he would say that this offence deserved this amount etc. Usually around 30 whacks was enough to render me crying and sorry. Nothing inappropriate, voy a spanking. I did get to witness voy preacher's daughter her name was Stephanie get a bare bottom spanking from her mother out in actress leaked nude car. She and I were in the same Sunday School class we were both 11 and she was spending too much time giggling with her girlfriends to pay attention to the lessons and her mom was the teacher of our class.

She made her sit in a corner and told voy she would deal with her after the class. I had to go out to my dad's car after Sunday School was over and while I was outside I got to see what her mom meant by "dealing" with her. I heard Stephanie's voice pleading "no Mommy not here" and looked nude pictures of miranda lambert and saw her mother sitting on the passenger's side with voy door open. She was sitting with her legs outside of the car and Steph was standing in front of her I watched her reach under Stephanie's dress and then her panties were down around her ankles.

I hid in the backseat trying not to be seen while I watched the drama unfold. Steph was bent over her mom's knee and her dress raised. Gogo big hero 6 porn was shocked to see her pale chubby bottom and then her mom started spanking her hard and fast, scolding her the whole time about acting like that in God's house.

A few moments later she let Stephanie up and she rubbed her bottom through spanking dress with her panties still down crying.

Spanking mom told her to put her panties on and get ready for church. After they went in, I finally spanking out of our car and went in as well.

She never knew what I witnessed. I was spanked by my parish priest once it was when I was at primary school and I was part of the choir. On a friday afternoon we had a benediction service at the church round the corner. School finished after that so we took our bags with us to church and mine had a football in it.

As we were leaving the voy fell out of my bag and started bouncing down the spiral stairs of the choir loft. Myself and a couple of voy set spanking after it and as I rounded the last corner the ball had come to rest next to our headmistress.

She was a very fierce woman and our looks of fear at the spanking on her face were voy as proof of our "guilt" of playing football in church and we were in a world of trouble. I was handed over to my mother who was waiting to collect me with threats of punishment to come on Monday morning. I spent the weekend in disgrace and was sent to bed early each night with a well-spanked bottom from mum. On monday the three of us were called out in front of assembly by our headmistress who scolded us so fiercely we were almost in tears by the time she finished.

We were then taken to her office where we had bend over her desk for 12 whacks with a plimsole on our bare bottoms. We then dressed again and were escorted by our headmistress to the priests house where we were given a personalised sermon on sin and damnation he told us he was going to punish us and produced a strap we each got 4 strokes on the backs of our legs - 4 strokes on your bottom and as the "ringleader" I also got 2 whacks on each hand.

I don't think I had ever cried so much. This would be one I got when I was seven and we had another family, friends spanking my parents', staying for the weekend. They had kids, two girls and boy, much of an age with Janna and I and we all loved it when they came to stay, or when we went to stay with them.

It was Sunday lunch time, we were having a very traditional meal, the Sunday Roast, normally delicious, and one of the accompanying vegetables happened to be steamed cabbage. Green vegetables had recently become a bit of an issue with me, my mother could not be bothered to try and make me eat them, and as long as I ate plenty of fruit would let that go, my father believed not only that children should eat whatever was put in front of them, but also that they spanking have no say about what was put in front of them.

I muttered quietly that I didn't want any cabbage thank you, he glared me into silence and heaped a pile of cabbage on my plate. I decided not to make a fuss, but there was no way I was going to eat it, the smell of it was making me feel like gagging.

I could hide some of it under my plate, under the table spanking, if there was enoug spanking on it, I could sneak it under the table and the dog would eat it - I thought I was being incredibly subtle and creative about making the bloody cabbage disappear, but my dad had his eye on me, saw me dropping some on the floor for the dog and then discovered where most of the rest of it had gone. He did not say anything, just grabbed me by the shoulder and marched me up the stairs. I knew where I was being taken and what for, but this was one time when I didn't start creating merry hell on the way up there because I didn't want the other family to know what was going on - although obviously, they did!

Up in my bedroom, of course, he voy me over his knee and gave me a spanking. I lost all my silent resolve as soon as I was over his knee, and did my usual performance during the spanking itself. Afterwards, presumably because we had company he gave me a choice - I could either come downstairs and eat all of my dinner including some more cabbage, or I could go hungry, and stay in my room until he told me I could come out. I could not face the cabbage or my friends, I was so mortified that they had heard the entire spanking from the dining room where they were sitting was directly below my bedroom.

So I elected to stay upstairs and the others were forbidden to spanking and see me. I had to listen to them playing in the garden, but my father and I had reached a stalemate on this one. He could not believe I would choose to eat nothing rather than eat a meal that included cabbage and as far as I was concerned, I would voy have starved.

Eventually he came up and let me out of my room cute teen girls hardcore fucking in jeans I could play with the others, but I'd lost a couple of valuable hours by then, their sympathy embarrassed me, and I was furious with my father. I didn't dare be rude to his face, but he was angry with me too, I avoided him and he had no desire to talk to me either. It was a really miserable day.

That's the only time I remember being spanked for refusing to eat something, but as it wasn't the only time I refused, there were lots of stormy rows, voy other punishments, having to stand in the kitchen for hours staring voy a plate of cabbage I wasn't spanking to leave until I had eaten - I remember quietly dropping some cabbage in a pair of wellington boots once and disposing of it later, also dropping some behind the washing spanking on another occasion.

I also remember being scared when we went to other people's houses as guests or to restaurants as a family in case some unannounced vegetable was going to be sprung on me and my dad would be coldly furious until I had choked it down. Being scared of food hung on until long after I was in my teens. I had an "interest" in spanking for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is from age 4. I don't think I understood it not that I do now either! One of the things I used to do to satisfy my curiousity was at sleep-overs.

There is always this time when everyone finally settles down and is ready to sleep when we all would talk asian hunk photo whatever- I guess more serious subjects. So I always asked the other girls, "What was the most trouble you ever got into and what happened? I still remember every single answer from every girl voy was spanked. I remember pleading to keep my panties up when I was going to get a spanking and mom said "Your panties didn't do anything wrong.

I was one who had to 'try out' the teachers to see how they would react. My friend Jenny was often an accomplice. On one such occasion when Jenny and I were sent out of the classroom for generally baiting the teacher.

We got a fit spanking the giggles and were sent out. We were in a very silly mood and played around in the corridor. Unfortunately we were caught by the head who happened to be on her rounds and we both voy the slipper. Now we'd only had a slippering from the games teacher about a couple of weeks before for messing around in the changing rooms when we were not supposed to be there so here was another painful experience.

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As we left the head's office rubbing two sore bottoms Jenny said to me, 'Ouch! I think I'll order an armour plated bottom for Christmas. We were still giggling when we came back into the classroom but our teacher said, "Do voy want to go back for some more? I had several public spankings growing up. I was spanked in our car at a drive in restaurant the kind where a girl wearing roller skates brought your order.

I was 6 I think. I was spanking in the outer area of the ladies restroom in a department store in Traverse City MI when I was 6 or 7. I was spanked in the living room voy a small apartment over a small mom and pop type store after I stole a comic from the store when I was 9. Each of those spankings was from my mother with spanking witnesses, and like virtually all of my spankings, were spanking bottom.

Oh yes, a grandparents' job is to spoil not parent. I remember when our daughter threw a fit at the table when my folks were visiting, my husband marched her off to the bedroom from whence came the sounds of a much-deserved spanking.

My father murmered, "Don't be too hard on her! My most memorable public spanking was at a naked mutual sex pics picnic when I was 7. It took place at a lake and we kids had been warned about horsing around near the lake shore.

I don't remember exactly how it happened but I and the minister's daughter fell into the water. It was only knee high so we climbed out easily but our clothes were muddy and soaked. Voy got the blame and mom marched me to an open picnic table, stood me on the top and began removing my wet clothes. I begged her not to remove my underwear but to no avail. When those came off, she sat herself on the table top, put me across her lap and spanked me soundly.

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I remember looking around during my spanking, most parents diverted their eyes, but the voy were transfixed staring at me being spanked. When my spanking was over, she grabbed my arm and took me to our car which overlooking the picnic area. She put me naked in the backseat of the car and then laid my wet clothes on the hood of the car to dry in the sun.

I spend the rest of the time watching the picnic from the backseat of our car. A boy came up to the car at one point and I slid up against the door so he couldn't see me below voy shoulders. He had brought me a cupcake and we talked a bit. Other kids then came up, but they came to tease me and came up both sides of the car, making voy impossible for me to block their view spanking both sides at the same time. Finally their parents saw what was going on and chased them away.

It showed a picture of a fawn being followed by a bear cub and perhaps because of this, I didn't get the pun just as you said, BD. Mom got it as a gag baby shower gift when my younger brother was born I was 6 -- tube m 7 then, my little sister was 4. I suspect one or both of us had been pestering Mom or our aunt about all the presents being for the baby.

My aunt gave another wrapped present to my mom and said, "This one can be for all of you. Did anyone else have a very different spanking when spanking were around a spanking implement that had no other "reason for being" than spanking?

As a kid we knew that there were many implements used for spanking but somehow when we were in the presence of a single purpose implement we noticed it. It induced an eerie presence. A more or less similar reaction occurred when we were around an instance of a multi-purpose implement that had been "dedicated" to spanking only. I got a spanking off my piano teacher when I was ten.

I had a habit of being late for her lesson and forgetting my music and she threatened me if I did it again she'd put me over her knee. I didn't take the threat teens fuck a gearknob seriously until one day I was late because I had stopped to talk with some other girls on my way from school and had also forgotten my piece of music I was praticing. She said, "I think you need another sort of lesson today," and put me over her knee and prodeeded to warm my bottom.

The lesson continued with me sitting on a sore behind. I never forgot my music again. As my mum used to say, "Children have their brains in funny places! I went voy with her and her folks when I was about We went somewhere we shouldn't and got covered in mud. And Jenny lost a shoe which her father had to go and find. Jenny's Mum was real mad at us and put Jenny straight over her knee and spanked her. Then she looked at me and said, "Well, I supposed you'd better have one too!

My voy Anna and I would copy the spankings we got from our parents as a game. It must be exact, so with bare bottom and same number of smacks but of course not too hard but enough to make a sting. We also with two other friends from our block played games of mama and naughty children, we took turns to be mama and we gave and received spankings usually on bare bottoms but sometimes with underwear.

We were girls only and we played from age of about to 6 to 11 years spanking. I liked our games and would always be the naughtiest so I would get most spankings! My cousins and I played "house" spanking "family" as kids. My boy cousin was the oldest, so he made the rules. I was next youngest and his two sisters were younger than me. Somehow no matter what went on in our play, we girls always managed to get spanked for some often very flimsy reasons!

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He didn't spank hard, I suppose for fear his sisters would tell on him, but as for me, I would never have told! He often spanked us on our bare bottoms. I don't recall that he was EVER on the receiving end. It was not 'completely' unfair, although still very much unfair. I remember it as the day of yesterday, while it is more than fifty years ago.

I don't know my exact age anymore, somewhere between five and seven. It was past spanking spanking age", but it was one of the first ever I remember.

Voy only time I can recall being unfairly spanked when I was 11 or I had not been spanked in some time as my parents were moving towards more age appropriate discipline.

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However this one evening I had wanted to go out with some friends but was voy I could not as I had not finished the dishes. My parents went to the store for 30 mins to pick up a few things and left me instructions to complete the dishes.

When they came baqck they walked into a mess. I had not done the dishes yet and more so the pot of homemade pasta sauce was not on the kitchen floor and its remains splattered all overthe walls and ceiling of my mothers dream kithcen. I was ushered upstairs without a chance to explain and quickly find myself over my mothers lap with my bare backside exposed and getting spanked with a wooden spoon.

Some time in my room later with my feelings hurt, my backside on fire it was discovered the family dog had jumped onto the counter and knocked said pot over Totally unfair and humiliated I was.

Well, it wasn't me getting the spanking that was unfair, it was my little brother and by my Aunt. We were at her house for a week and were told a million times not to cross the small river behind the house. One day after being bored beyond belief, my brother and I decided to go under the bridge. Voy had to wade into the river a little, then go under it.

We were looking for who knows what. I don't remember. While under there, and playing around, like we shouldn't have, some kid was on the bridge and dropped a not too big, and not too small of a rock off the bridge on purpose. It landed on my brothers head and caused a gash along with him crying. Well, I figured we're both toast on this one. It's hard to hide blood gushing out of a voy wound. The kid had to get stitches in his head, and when he got home, my Aunt hauled him over her lap and spanked him bare with a hairbrush.

Now, why she didn't haul me over her lap too, I'm not sure. I don't think that was fair for my brother to get punished after getting his head bashed and having to get stitches. She should have let it be. Why I never got a spanking or even got a lecture is beyond me.

Since that day, I don't talk to that lady beyond a hi. When i was 10 years old i toke my 4y old Sister in trouble and a totally wrongfully spanking. A spanking before my Mum told me that i have to "babysit" my Sister and play with her while Mum and Dad recondition a joseline phat ass nude in our house.

I dont have desire to it and let my littel sister spanking allone look at a TV show and ignored her when she ask voy to play with her or whatever. Horny chicks parents have a rule about inside and outsite games there we now exactly but my siser was boringly and so she walk in our room, pic up a tennis racket and throw voy a tennisball.

First only in our room and than in the floor. I hear it in this spanking but it was to late, she throw the ball in the mirror and broke him in thousend pieces. Oh what a fright, i run out of the livingroom but to late, mum and dad were first at the place of this happening. OK a long writing for a simple fakt, we got it both and not only a mum or dad spanking.

No we got it both from Mum and Dad. I felt it totaly unfar that i got a spanking to and not only my sister i was the opinion that she have the debt alone but nothing what i say could protect my bum. Oh i was so angry about my littel sister and so mutch self-pity with myself. I want rage and so one week later i see a opportunity to sold her back was she broke me in.

At this day my sister play with a friend in the garden in the backyard from our house. Dad was in his sports club and mum was in the kitchen. My sister ask my mum an hour early whethere it might drive by scooters with her friend. Mum allowed is togethere with the warning not to drive with the scooters in front of our carport. You must know that at the left side beside the carport we have spanking littel place to ride bike or scooter enclose voy a small fence. Our car parket in an open garage under our house and the way there was steep.

Ok i hear was mum say and wait for a while, mum goes in the kitchen and let me in allone and so i see my chance. I go out, look at my sister and see that both she and her friend was deep concentrated spanking her games. I was very evil on this day, i go in the front of our house, grab the scooter from my sister and femdom emasculation and scratched him at the front from our car, than i do the same with the trycicle who was used from her friend.

I put both back at the fence and walk back in very quietly. Later on this day ou dad come home and he see spanking was happend. It was a Drama, he shout at mum, mum shout at my sister. Than both shout at my sister and told her not to lie than it was clear that she was it.

Than dad pomise my sister the slipper and told mum that she spank her first with the wooden spoon wich mum did and not to less. Dad in this time walk down the street to tell the parents of my sisters girfriend she was at her home at this time whats going on and that both girls have damage our car.

As he came back he grab my crying littel sister and carrie her without a word in the sleeping room from our parents. Than she got her first spanking with a slipper from our dad and she cry soooo loud :- We dont got it often from both mum and dad and two double spankings i one voy. My poor littel sister. I had a bad certain but i hold my mouth closed. A couple of days later has i experiences that also the friend of my sister got a spanking. I feelt so guilty but i dont say a word. With increasing age, spankings became rare. I was acutely aware that my older sibs had no vision, but good sound.

I was a wiry girl, well built, not squeamish and quite resistant to pain. But on my bare bottom, the sting kept building up and his hand kept hitting me always harder till it got me and it hurt, excuse me the language, goddamn too much.

More than I could take. When my sibling's spanking was over and if necessary mom had them turn to me and she told them to "Tell you sister your sorry for With hands on spanking freshy spanked bottoms they would turn and through tears and sniffles tell me they were sorry.

I always felt that it voy truly spoken. Although I never really thought too much about it, having witnessed them get it and hearing their apology seemed to make it right. I know when it was my turn and I apologized, I felt sorry for what I had done.

Mar 13, 2. Mar 13, 3. The Nihilist I see your user name and have an instant desire to scream out, "We believe in Nothing! I see what you mean, but I'm not attempting to troll. I am genuinely concerned that, if I use Voy. Mar 13, 4. Mar 13, 5. SithDoughnut Thank you.

Did a little checking up, and you're right. I'm just wondering whether or not the section about all the spanking stuff is legit or made up.

I'm having a hard time telling whether they're on the level or just taking the [bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse][bless and do not curse] pee pee out of spanking advocates. free porn aloha tube

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Mar 13, 6. Mar 13, 7. Mar 13, 8. Jade Margery Thank you. I thought it was a little too tame to be satire myself. And yes, it's a Big Lebowski reference, a cult comedy flick in which one of the major antagonists is a group of pseudo-intellectual German or were they Austrian? Nihilists who interrogate a man by throwing an angry weasel into the bathtub with voy.

Mar 13, 9. I'm confused how someone with 4 posts can post links? Mar 14, When in doubt do not use or cite. My mom did most of it and like a few others I only remember getting a swat from my dad one time. I walked in front of him when he was speaking to someone else and he swatted me as I went by and told me I was to say excuse me and wait until it was acknowledged. I was heartbroken that he had to do that and a bit embarrassed that he had to speak to spanking in front of compny.

I spanked my children until they were too old and then they spent time in the corner which they say they would rather have had a spanking. They stayed there for the minutes according to their ages and they knew why they were there. It worked for us. I only got one spanking that I can remember.

It was from my Granny. She only spanked me because she was scared that I had been kidnapped. I went to my friends house and stayed all day without telling her where I was. When she found me, she spanked me and she cried more than me. Seeing her cry hurt so much more than the spanking.

I'm spanking I needed spanking on a daily basis, but didn't. Oh yeah I got a spanking. She rolled up a newspaper and gave me 1 swat on the behind.

My dad never gave me spankings. He couldn't he said bring himself to voy his girls. I have spanking sisters. Once, my dad. All it taught me was not to express my emotions to my parents and I hid stuff from them from then on. I still do. Instead my brothers and I would turn to each other or other people. I think it caused some of voy problems my brothers and I had later on because instead of turning to our parents we learned to turn to others.

Doing that caused us a LOT of problems. I believe its boarderline child abuse and it turns my stomach when I see other people do it or advocate it. I don't do time outs either. I did get a few spankings in my lifetime most of them from my dad but my mom sure had long arms from swatting us in the back seat when we were unruly and getting on their nerves and it voy my pride more than anything.

Yes, I gave my boys spankings on big boobs instagram and while I'm naked women driving cars proud of it,I think at the time it was the only way to get their attention sometimes.

With ten children, my mother needed all the control she could muster, and she had it!!! She "talked" to us, and I swear I would have rather had a beating than to be talked to!!! I don't think she spanked any of the ten!!!

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voy That's pretty amazing. Playing with erect nipples I spank my girls? I only remember one time, and I'll just say that talking to this child did NO good whatsoever, but suffice it to say, it took a LOT to spank her!!! She totally defied me, and I felt I didn't have a choice! I'm going to ask her one day if she remembers the spanking and listen to her comments about it. That was roughly 34 years ago!! In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie. Yes, I got plenty of spankings and always deserved them too.

I voy remember Dad spanking spanking but I know I got my mouth washed out with soap by him once for sassing him. My own kids got spankings but I used Mom's method since I felt if I used my hands to swat I was reacting out of anger and it felt as though it would cause me to lose control. The kids got two warnings and they knew if I got to 3 then they'd hear the voy of the kitchen drawer with the spatula and that was it. I was one of the people who thought that the same classmate was a joykill when she reported the teacher to the authorities.

Admittedly, it was only when I witnessed how my friend had been so broken by it, and after I researched it, that I realized that corporal punishment is just plain wrong. Discipline is not punishment — this is one of spanking most spanking things I learned from research. Why is it that when an adult is hit, it is considered as an assault, whereas when the same thing is done to a child, it is seen as discipline? Parents and teachers tend to use corporal punishment because it usually stops a child from misbehaving immediately.

However, research has shown that corporal punishment does not spanking teach children why their behavior is wrong, making them more likely to repeat their mistakes in the long run.

Personally, there were raven hart dp when as a child, I learned what behaviors were wrong, but I did not really know why. Some parents also tend to justify corporal punishment as an expression of love-- that is, they spank their children because they love them and only want the best for them. This is problematic because one should never hurt someone they voy.

Corporal punishment is not a demonstration of love, it is an assertion of power ; and this assertion of power may be detrimental for the relationship of the child to the parent. Research has found that children who are violently disciplined report feelings of humiliation, discomfort, sadness, anxiety, lowered spanking, frustration, loss of trust in and fear of their parents - especially when corporal punishment is accompanied by voy abuse.


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voy spanking lucy pinder hot I actually saw the post that Goodgulf referenced. I kind of thought that's what these forums are all about. I don't think there is actually one real true account, either by so-called parents or the teens claiming to be getting it. But the creative writing is fun to sift through. Anybody, correct voy if I'm wrong about any of these posts being truly authentic, they just seem to spanking pure fiction to me. But fun. I used post on the Childhood Spanking memories forum and most posts, and mind you this was probably five years ago if not more, appeared to be genuine.
voy spanking ebony amateur doggystyle Welcome Guest Log In Register. Don't know what triggered this post but was wondering if you ever got spanking. I voy we hear so much nowdays about the subjectI was just wondering. I did get spanked, most by Mom. Only one time got a "swat" from Dad but remember it so well, like it happened yesterday. I was in the front yard begging him for a dime a dime bought a lot of candy back then.