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In one of the new TV spots, Ms. Chalke tries to fix her wedgie by shimmying and lunging before a pair of Hanes panties solves her problem. In the second commercial, Ms.

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Chalke introduces the underwear to women who are facing the same issue. Along with a print and TV campaign, Hanes is creating a Web site featuring, among other things, a video Ms.

Chalke filmed called the "Wedgie Dance. Chalke's dancing body. With the new ads, Hanes is betting that women are ready for a public discussion of a private problem.

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Still, some women could judge the ads to be too personal and be turned off to the product. The company's new panty is sold in stores like Sarah and Wal-Mart. Chalke says she thinks it is an issue that many women will be able to relate to. She says she was attracted to the campaign because of its humor.

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Sarah Chalke Sports Hanes, Fights Wedgie Epidemic

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sarah chalke panties true blood fairy girl topless Subscribe to Adrants Daily. Wanna see Sarah Chalke of Scrubs shake out a wedgie in public? Superfluous body-bends and orgasm faces come stock. This isn't the first time an underwear company has used an ass-shake to push panties. See itchy actors jiggle for Jockey.
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