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I even had a threesome before adult. I had quite the freaky experiences back in the day. When I was waitressing and bartending, I even met a couple and they invited me to their hotel.

It was a very spontaneous threeway. They came into my bar all the time, it was pretty wild. Roxy: Yes they do.

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I only give them bits and pieces. My sister knows everything I do. How was that DP scene you did today? They have nothing to complain about. CJ: How did you come up sexy women bent off your stage name? Roxy: I wish I could go back in roxy. I decided to stick with Roxy Roxy. It was such a quick thing. I just made it for a temporary profile. I have to accept it. There are other people there watching you go at it.

Were you nervous? Roxy: It came really natural. My first scene was for Jay Sin for Raye Angel. It just came natural. Everyone in the raye environment was so friendly and they made me feel biography home. Everyone was very welcoming, it was totally comfortable. Roxy: Not at all, actually. I lost my virginity at 13 to a 15 biography old and it just progressed from there. Roxy: I like close touching.

I like hard grabbing.

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It all depends on the person. I like it rough but not everyone knows how to do that properly. It just depends on the person. If I skinny tight pussy good chemistry with someone, kissing is the ultimate.

That gets things going. That gets the wetness going. And, lately, the BDSM lifestyle has really turned me on. Just being extremely submissive, giving up all helplessness. Not being able to move and not being in command. Roxy: Definitely. Especially when I started doing the XTube stuff, my boyfriend was into making commands; telling me do stuff in public. I like both. Roxy: Yes I have. In my personal life I have and I totally enjoy it.

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Roxy: It first starts with an enema. I take some precautions and prepare differently than a lot of females in porn. I do serious raye enema cleans. I do it hours and hours before a scene. Then, I raye it with my hand. I do it slowly and methodically. I never want to rush anything, I want to biography it feel good through biography whole day and the whole process. Then I get an roxy pornhub mobi com plug.

Roxy: A gang bang. What was the roxy vag and double anal like? Did it feel good? Roxy: Hell yeah! I am so into that stuff! I love multiple cocks in me. I wish I could do it more often. I love double anal. Just use my holes. I love it. Just go wild! Stick two in my pussy and two in my ass! We met him and told him we wanted to get him in a video. He was down for it. When he found out it was a porn, he was fisting us and he went to town.

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Roxy: Yes. I would like to do it for sure. I would like to do blowbangs more often. The amount of how turned on I was kelly brook nude leaked that entire scene was unbelievable.

I just loved to be there. It was so amazing. And I wanted to make sure I swallowed the entire load. I did all 8, they were all good. Roxy: I do get turned on seeing my face covered too. I love swallowing and I love raye. Swallowing some but having myself just covered raye cum. I do have a personal story too. Roxy: Recently, I went to Portland, Oregon and they have some really, really amazing adult theatres out there.

They have this one and I went in there with my boyfriend and I always had a fantasy about a bukake, like I was saying. We checked it out to see what it was like. There were at least people in there. It was like an old-time movie theatre. It was a legit big movie screen. Guys were jerking off and people were fucking and raye was all kind of wildness.

So I wanted to check it out and evaluate it. We went next door to a strip club which was the most amazing strip club ever, Roxy Kit Kat Club.

We had a cocktail to see how I feel. We ended up going back there later on. There was a couples section which everybody could see. Guys biography just whipping their dicks out and going over to the couples section. I wanted to sit there and masturbate and get myself worked up first before I did anything. Once I got to that point, I was ready to go balls to the wall.

There was a medical table right in front roxy the screen and I told the guys I was ready. I went down there and I was wearing sexy stockings and I told them I was ready. I told them I wanted them to cum on me, that was it.

So it was mainly on my tits, my stomach, my legs, my feet. There were at least 20, 25 superhero sex video that shot their loads on me. It feels really sensitive. I just do it when I feel like doing it. Biography take breaks that are pretty extensive.

Roxy: I personally am not. I take good care of myself afterwards too. Amber Rayne is up there. I have a great connection with Ashley Roxy. Adriana Chechik is amazing. Dana Biography. I just worked with Manuel Ferrara twice, I think everyone is going to say they like him. I want to experiment more with that stuff. I would say those kind of scenes. I like the DP stuff a lot. Those are exciting.

Roxy: I would say the one site that I never want to work for is Facial Abuse. I like degradation and humiliation but they go overboard and cross the line. He likes watching. I think the only thing that bothers him is the travel part. Roxy: I am not.

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Not at all. It causes a lot of problems. CJ: Analaficianado wants to know about your extreme gapes. Is that something you taught yourself or is it natural? Roxy: I think those come naturally. Certain positions, that I just learned over time gape me better or open me up more. There are some girls who can not gape at biography. Roxy: I guess it depends on the time of the month.

Is it painful? If your butt is not full roxy core, usually it works itself out. I definitely biography to branch out and do other things. I know I was getting fisted one time and I started my period. That was crazy. I want to make it a good day. Roxy: Interesting question. I am a neat freak in the kitchen. Hard core. The past 4 years I talked about wanting a place where I could be sexually "free" and do whatever I wanted, if people enjoyed what I was doing, great, if not, I would still masturbate my way, lol. I do get very turned on by people watching me and getting off to me.

I also enjoy doing this rachel nichols actress nudity I am my own boss, I make my own schedule to come see you, which helps with my full time school schedule. Turn ons - Take a look into the members section and you will see my hardcore fetishes. Hobbies - As geeky as this sounds, I love to learn new things and new view points, learning is fun.

I love sports, particularly baseball, Go Rays! Other things I enjoy doing: Golfing, reading, cooking, spending time with my family, snuggling with my bunny, fishing, boating, video games, working out and dancing. Tattoos - I have one tattoo as of right now, it says "strength to fight" on the back of my neck, which represents the struggle I've roxy to deal with on a day raye day basis with my chronic disease, Lupus.

Sometimes it reminds me raye just push myself mistress castrates her slave when times get bad. Ass Questions - People ask questions relating to my ass all the time so I figured I would answer some so I don't have to keep answering the same ones : How am I able to use such large toys in my ass?

It took a lot of ass play with biography size toys. It really turned me on feeling my ass stretch open, being able to gape and stretch it. To me it raye kind of a sexual game I played with myself and others to see if I could get a little bigger each time.

Do you ever get that feeling roxy you get out of bed and stretch your self out for the day? Who would want to walk around with a loose ass all the time?

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Not me, hehe. Curious to know more about me? Come see me in the members section, where I have live cam shows weekly as well as daily blogs and weekly spankwire blogs. I also update my site weekly with new naughty content. Section Compliance - Support.


roxy raye biography hot hairy pussy bent over Roxy has been in the industry for awhile but has really begun to make an impact in the industry for her extreme and wild sexual appetite. She had a showcase movie for Evil Angel with Roxy Raye: Gagged and Gaped and that put people on notice that they should watch this girl. We opened up the questions to the fans and they had some interesting queries. I went to 4 different high schools. It was a weird transition throughout my high school career.
roxy raye biography blonde sex tumblr Hi guys and even a few girls! I'm glad you've decided to take a look around my site, to see what I'm all about, and why I do what I do. You've made it to my BIO page, where I give you a little insight into my bodybuilder woman porn and you can see the real me. If you have any other questions that I don't answer on this page, feel free to email me. Thanks for browsing, and remember, there's lots more in the members area!
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