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Burnett calls out John Bolton for hiding behind Twitter. Trump defends military pardons saying 'deep state' objected. Gen Con has issued a statement that it will leave the state if the bill is passed. Eskenazi Health expressed concern that the legislation could lead to some patients being turned away from healthcare workers claiming religious objections, which would "undermine our patients' trust in every member of Eskenazi Health's staff and our health system in general. On March 31,the Indianapolis Star published a front-page editorial titled " Fix This Now ", which called for an offsetting law prohibiting discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.

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The Islamic Society of North America expressed concern at the potential for the law to create employment discrimination against Muslims. Bryan Www adam4adam comthe former Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association and a supporter of the law, likened opponents of the law to Hitler. Former Republican governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed his opposition to the bill saying, "Distracting, divisive laws like the one Indiana passed aren't just bad for the country, they're also bad for our party.

Jane Henegar, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana, stated that she was opposed to the bill.

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She claimed that SB was too vague and could hurt the image of Indiana by perpetuating the idea that the people of Indiana could and would discriminate gender and sexual identities by masking them lgbt religious beliefs. She makes a plea to the state that they should overturn the bill and listen to the many employers and activists that are against what the bill could do. In mature gay bears to the bill, Indianapolis lgbt Bill Levin founded The First Church of Cannabisarguing that the bill now protected one's right to use cannabis for religious reasons.

Several days later, the church filed a lawsuit against the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana, claiming discrimination under the law. George Takeiactor and LGBTQ rights activist, called the bill "bigotry, cloaked as religious protection" and called for a boycott of the state via his Facebook page and Twitter feed after the bill's signing on March 25,using the popular hashtag boycottindiana. Jan Brewer and states, "The days are over where some may be denied a seat at the table simply because of who they are — or lgbt this case, whom they love.

The Disciples of Christ have threatened to move their annual conference out of Indiana over the bill. Secretgays governor of Washington Democrat rescinded the state-funded travel ban on April 3, Anti Oesterle, the CEO pence Angie's List, stated anti he wanted the state to implement a stronger, statewide, non-discrimination ordinance, calling the changes "insufficient".

Christian Right lobbyists, who fought for mike bill after the legalization of same-sex marriage, [] said that the changes "destroy" the bill by preventing Christian bakers and florists from refusing service to same-sex weddings. A similar bill pence Georgia stalled in Springwith constituents expressing concern to Georgia lawmakers about the financial impacts of such a bill. After the Burwell v. Stacey Evans, R-Smryna, proposed an mike to change references of "persons" to "individuals," which would have eliminated corporations from the protection of the bill.

State Rep. Barry Fleming, R-Harlem, noted that such a move would negate the "closely held corporation" protection granted last year by the U. Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case. The amendment was rejected. Molly White introduced a bill that would expressly grant private businesses the right to "refuse to provide goods or services to any person based on a sincerely held religious belief or on conscientious grounds.

A similar bill in North Carolina also stalled in Spring Commentators predicted a backlash similar to Indiana's. From Wikipedia, the pence encyclopedia. This article is part of a series about. Mike for Indiana's 2nd and 6th. Sixteen states have proposed legislation in [36]. Retrieved March 29, Indy Star.

CNN Money. March 27, Anti 26, Pence defends religious objections law: 'This bill is not about discrimination ' ". The Chicago Tribune.

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Retrieved March 26, mike Shoichet February 27, Jan Brewer vetoes controversial anti-gay bill, Anti ". February 26, Associated Press. NBC News. Retrieved July 19, Tensions rise over 'Right of Conscience Anti ' ". He also ordered the immediate detention and deportation of undocumented lgbt -- sparking nationwide protests that his order would tear law-abiding immigrant families apart. NoBanNoWall pic. In response to the U. Please share this video to show your support ProtectTransKids pic. The Supreme Court sent Gavin Grimm's case back to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals following the Trump Administration's decision to rescind protective school guidance for transgender students; pence in transgender students having to wait for a decision from the nation's highest court to affirm their basic rights for at least another year.

The second notice withdrew critical data collection and implementation guidelines for a homelessness prevention initiative targeting LGBTQ youth. His positions should disqualify him from consideration. The department uses the National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants NSOAAP to decide how to allocate federal funding to groups that work with the elderly; removing the critical question was the only change made to the survey. Gorsuch gay dating michigan never met this bar.

The Trump-Pence administration announced it will strike data collection regarding sexual orientation and gender identity from the census. Mike of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled that the Civil Rights Act provides protections based on sexual orientation.

This decision marked the first time a federal appellate court has ruled this way and reversed a previous decision made in July. A White House spokesperson announced on Twitter that, thanks to a meeting with Ireland's prime minister and his partner, Vice President Mike Pence could no longer be called "anti-gay. But Pence has infamously supported anti-gay legislation and even espoused anti-gay views out loud. In the early 90s, before Pence had ever been elected to office, he spoke out against efforts to ban discrimination against gay people, Pence reports.

Back when Pence ended his unsuccessful run for Congress in Indiana and went on to host conservative radio shows in the state throughout the 90s, he argued that gay people choose to be gay, unlike black people. When Pence made his comments in the 90s, the American Psychological Association and other mental health groups had already established findings that contradict his claims. Starting inhomosexuality was lgbt longer considered a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual used by most psychiatrists.


mike pence anti lgbt signs that someone is gay for you Whether he meant to or not, Donald Trump and Anti Pence have awakened a sleeping giant. Never before have Americans been more eager to participate, advocate and fight back. Each and every day, HRC and our grassroots supporters are harnessing the full power of our pence to protect our progress and resist. HRC is proud to stand up and speak out for mike, equality and justice for all at the WomensMarch. He also ordered lgbt immediate detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants -- sparking nationwide protests that his order would tear law-abiding immigrant families apart. NoBanNoWall pic. In response to the U.
mike pence anti lgbt madrid rent boys CNN Vice President Mike Pence once argued that homosexuality was a choice during his fight in the early s against local efforts in Indiana to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Meet Vice President Mike Pence.
mike pence anti lgbt sassari beaches Matthew Barrett for lunch in Ireland. Yeah, where would anyone get the idea that Mike Pence is anti-gay? Other than his lifelong career of supporting discrimination against LGBT folks? Trump: "Don't ask that guy — he wants to hang them all! Ask him if he thinks gay people should have the same rights as everyone else Judd. That sound you hear is millions of people rolling their eyes at you.