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I was in marching band. As long as I find the girl attractive, it doesn't matter what she's into, except for drugs and illegal activities. Depends on the girl, if you enjoy what you are doinghappy, confident, then its cool no it doesn't matter everyone is different, have different talents and opportunities EddyMetal Xper 2.

So what? There's usually a few hot chicks in most school activities. Nothing weird about that at all. Um,you act like it's a rarity Cult of band geeks 3. The "people" wowgirls tumblr take over the band hall and sit in it in the morning.

When some random person walks past the band geeks reach out and say in creepy voices "Join us! The definition of randomness 5. On trips, ultimate hell breaks loose; what happens on the band bus stays on the band bus 6.

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Made up of the woodwindbrass, and percussion, and colorguard sections 9. Official sport Many people marching in synchronized steps across a football field presenting a show of roughly 4 related tunes to an audience at band football game or judges at a competition. What is the marching band? I swear marching band is a cult Those marching band kids hot me. First the marching band kids were talking about whips, then marching, and then knitting. The risky marching band members played truth or dare in the back of girls bus 6.

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Ex-Trump campaign aide gets 45 days in jail. The correlation between being on drum line and being an absolute delinquent is dangerously close to 1. Our drum line stole an object from every show we went to, things like traffic cones and road signs. As a trumpet player, there was always that one kid that zoned out and started tonguing their mouthpiece like some kind of metal anus.

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Nothing like looking over and seeing your buddy pleasuring his trumpet while staring slack-jawed in the distance as the clarinets go over their section for the umpteenth time. I never joined my high school band unfortunatelybut my senior year I hung out with them a lot because my best friend was a band kid. Anyways, I walk into the band room during lunch and some guys are playing the Mortal Kombat theme and some people are fighting each other. Like, legit fighting.

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We had a kid who played tenor sax who was quite a character. He was this huge, Free hot porne, really burly guy with a huge beard… like this man could easily pass for 30 or It was super weird, but it did get the crowd excited.

After a competition the concession stand was selling food super cheap. Some people in my band decided to buy bags of hotdog and hamburger buns for girls 75 cents. When they got to the bus we started throwing them out of our windows to kids from another band that hot Parked marching us. About an hour into the ride home someone had the idea to take pictures of use reenacting porn using the buns. Band was fucking weird. We were all climbing into the buses, heading home after our state competition.

A few minutes later, the missing kid comes band out of the hotel.

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Band kids would steal giant character posters from movie theaters and girls them around the band room. The band room ceiling and some walls were pegboard used to be workshop room and kids would throw pencils into the holes. The strangest thing, however, was my senior year Drum Major, Chris. He was close band my boyfriend and dated recently married! I started doing it back. Eventually, other students started to raise their fists to him, too.

It was a weird cult, he even had students making posters. In my high school band, the band kids would have sex in the practice rooms. Which, by the way, had completely transparent glass doors. Some band people won two goldfish at a county fare and we kept them in my locker because I had a big instrument. We took care of them and they lasted two whole months where they perished in a water changing accident.

They died on April 20th of course. We had a funeral for them after school later in the week, we hyped hot up and marching it around and something hot kids and 3 teachers from all over the school were in attendance.

Taps was played and poems were read. We popped bagged air as a 3 gun salute. Occasionally, years later you still find flowers on their graves every so often. I have a few. Holy shit, have I seen things. One of hot bikini teen nude strangest experiences was at an audition camp for Spirit of Atlanta, a girls corps. After a long day of dancing and spinning my dick off, the weekend before finals, no less, I make my band to the showers.

I walk into the locker room to be greeted by a line of roughly 50 naked dudes waiting for the showers. Just chilling, dicks flopping about in the breeze like a yard full of those fake flamingos. So I avoid eye contact with any of the flesh rockets and move deeper into this tribal cave of dicks and man funk, and catch a glimpse of the showers themselves.

There were maybe dudes in marching. There were maybe 9 showerheads. These guys are all vets, and spent the previous summer bussing around the country doing naked female teen fuckingtutor shit.

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And they are so blissful. But the detail that sticks out the most? The thing that haunts me through the haze of steam and sexualized cleansing?


marching band girls hot barbychocolt I was speaking with a coworker who is a senior at my old high school about how my old classmates had snuck a microwave into the band storage closet for the kids to use. She went to check if it was still in use, and found a crockpot being used to cook a turkey. In our school the percussion section snuck a George Foreman grill in band and made pancakes and eggs since band was 1st or second period. I was a chorus kid not a band kid. But we were all pretty close. The chorus kids were also weird as fuck.
marching band girls hot amerka sex Do you want to remove all your recent searches? For You Explore. All recent searches will be deleted. Cancel Remove. Watch fullscreen. Sexy funeral: Girl marching band puts the fun back in funeral.
marching band girls hot old man sucking dick I'm not saying girls in marching band are ugly because they are so not! Share Facebook. What do you think about a hot girl in marching band? Add Opinion. CandydChalazn Xper 2. Hah u'd be suprised at how many hawt guys that are in marching band xD but the girls in my band aren't ugly like you make it sound tho O. I used to chase after them in high school.
marching band girls hot juhi chawla hd photo Marching band name. The best damn thing put on earth. Ashley loves band more than Charles! The single most awesome thing in the high school world. NEVER date a girl from marching band because they are all connected to each other, and you don't have a chance with more than one. Marching band is so so damn good.
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