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This hot Bollywood bombshell was born on 07 January she is now year old. She is an Indian actress and model. She was a successful model before entering into films.

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She had a relationship with Dino Morea from her modeling days from but they broke up in The successful model began her career with Ford Modeling Agency at the young age of 17 and never turned back. Sultry and stunning, she can, and has, enthralled the world with her perfect curves. Bips, as everyone calls her, started her career with a controversial lingerie ad from Swiss designer Calida inappearing in a babes sucking and panties with her then-boyfriend Dino Morea. From there, she took her growing fan base and entered Bollywood.

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bipasha basu boobs photo nothing but naked butt pics She is also a big fitness freak, Bipasha has maintained a really good bikini perfect body and the way she flaunts is just unmatched. She looks the ultimate bikini queen whenever she steps out flaunting those enviable curves. Explore the hottest bikini photos of the sexy Bollywood actress! This hot Bollywood bombshell was born on 07 January she is now year old. She is an Indian actress and model. She was a successful model before entering into films.
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